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Charades. Of Lies.

Posted: November 14, 2010 in Problems

Make no mistake.

I beg you to tread these paths that you take, with caution.
A simple slip of the tongue might injure an entire country.
There’s no telling what it’ll conjure next.

Yes, I call it ‘it’.
A being with no soul, but a being just the same.

My utmost sympathy extends to the projections raveling inside it.
But like a whip, a hideous crack echoed.
Leaving me speechless.

It tries to find a new haven to settle in from the torid storms it made.
But a life composed of lies and deceit will never be at rest.
Only a minute beam could be seen quivering from this it.
Such are its ways.

Stupendously stupid.


I don’t wanna say this to myself, but..
I told me so.

Sheeesh. Too much time wasted. Too much. I really need to deactivate my facebook account. Either that or file a lawsuit against Mark Zuckerberg for stealing my time. But the latter is never gonna happen, I know. Uhuh.

I don’t wanna say goodbye now. I’m not ready. I’m so not ready. Why do they think I’m ready? Sob sob. This is cruelty. Is there not a People for the Ethical Treatment of Medical Students organization?

I need reassurance.

Facebook. A strong antiphrase.

Posted: September 29, 2009 in Problems

I kinda hate wasting time.

Don’t we all?

Somehow, I suspect that the time we will need in the future has been used up by our past.

I know I’m odd.


Facebook. I sentence you to death.
But the jury can’t see that you’re guilty.
Rotten to the core.

Another sigh.

Lampu ini malap.

Posted: May 4, 2009 in Problems

Itu sahaja yang aku fikirkan sekarang. Aku tahu, namun aku enggan. Duit tak cukup sekarang.
Helmet pun belum beli lagi. Manakan tidak, elaun bulanan diterima pada tengah-tengah bulan?
Apakah bodohnya itu?

Aku faham, mungkin ada kesulitan. Mungkin. Tapi tidakkah ini keterlaluan?
Takkan nak meminjam duit lagi. Malu.
Dahlah aku berjanji dengan rakan-rakan di sana aku akan membawa memento.
Hisy, jeleknya diri ini.

Perut aku bertarannum lagi.
Eggpuff je kot pagi ni.
Appy satu pun dah kurang mampu.
Mereka semberana begini.

Kadang-kadang, aku hairan. Okay, mungkin bukan kadang-kadang.
Biarlah, apa nak jadi, jadi.
Things happen, bukan?
Adalah sesuatu yang nak disisipkan.
Adalah tu. Kena beli cok baru nampak gayanya.

Nak pujuk hati, bukannya senang. Aku anggap semua ini sementara.