New Beginning.

Posted: February 10, 2011 in Uncategorized

Alone and broken
No words were spoken
To relate the hopelessness I feel inside
No matter how much I mourned and cried
Thoughts reverted
Emotions twisted
Confused without a trail to follow,
Each step taken felt frail
Felt sorrow

And silence.

Without a pinch of hope in me
Stretched to the extent of being in lunacy
Nobody helped and nobody cared
Ever onlooking without sympathy to spare
And now I feel so alone
Speaking only in a monotone
Talking to myself just to try to survive
In this cold-hearted world
Feeling barely alive

Where is the honour?
Where is the pride?
That I felt once, so deeply inside?
Left in loneliness, with no one to care
No one to love and no one to share
Should I stop protesting?
About the life that I lead?
Remain here motionless accepting defeat?

Why is there, the angst in me
That never stopped complaining,
Not letting me be?
Why am I living in this cold-blooded war?
Why is this happening?
What is it for?

Is there no solicitudity in this world?
Help me solve this enigma, and make it unfurl…
I’m tired of living this solitary part,
This monologous character,
So rebellious at heart.

Though I know this life is not a fantasy;
Sometimes I feel the urge, to be wild, and be free.
And close my eyes and count up to five

And hope that a new beginning will arrive.

  1. Nadia Amir Hamzah says:

    if he has a name……

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