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Spice up your love life?

Posted: June 23, 2009 in General

Nah, just kidding.
My cousin’s selling contact lenses.
You guys gotta check them out.
Uh, I mean, girls.
But guys are welcome too.
They make you look more jambu.
Here’s the link.


Like I said, living a bliss is tyranny. To oneself.
Yeah, exactly. Like I said.

So where do we stand in this unjust situation? – Above, and under at the same time.
Not exactly in between. Just the absence of a partition.
A metal plate separating two poles, but is still a conductor by itself.

How rigid.

It’s like standing on your own head. A revolutionary contortionist.
We should be proud of ourselves.

I laugh at the weird trickeries the human mind has managed to develop, hoping to find inner peace.
A flaccid judgement.
A helical cognition.
A stupid thought.

They look so elated. Or at least they think they are.
I know they are.
They’ve found real bliss.
Standing on their heads.

On an unrelated side note, my WiFi will be dead in 4 days. I won’t be rick-roll’d anymore. Three cheers, everyone.

Real bliss. Now where did I put my copy of it?